Felicita park

On Friday afternoon, I went to Felicita park to shoot some landscape. The trees there are amazing. When I went there, the light was great, it just went across those leaves and turned into some beautiful spots on the ground.  

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San Elijo Lagoon

On Monday afternoon, we went to San Elijo Lagoon to shoot some plants. However, because some of the plants which I want to shoot didn’t bloom when we went there, I chose some other plants to shoot. 1.Lemonade berry 2.Black sage 3.Blue-eyed grass 4.Wild radish 5.Bush sunflower 6. Western pricky pear 7. Dudleya 8.unknown

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San Elijo Lagoon

All these photos are from San Elijo Lagoon website. Thanks a lot! 1. Lemonade Berry I’d like to choose the Lemonade Berry as one of the specific plants I will take photos of when I finally go to the San Elijo Lagoon. For me, I never see this kind of plants before, that’s why I […]

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Chased by the Light

Jim Brandenburg is a nature photographer, he photographed his home state of Minnesota from spring to summer for 93 days in a row. His shooting range includes Minnesota’s high grass aspen savanna, large grassland, deciduous forest and coniferous forest. During this whole process of this tough program, we can see Jim’s attitude towards photography and […]

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Ansel Adams

Without doubt, Ansel Adams is one of the greatest photographers among the whole 20 century. The first time that he found himself falling in live photograph was when he was in Yosemite. The scenery there really attracted him and he wanted to use the camera to record what he saw there. He also known as […]

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